What Would You Do To Get Your “Dream Home” For Free? | 26% of Americans Would Pass Up Their Dream Career; 18% of Pet Owners Would Give Up Their Pet

Note: The concept of getting a “dream home” for free is truly nothing more than a pipe dream. Not even a mortgage broker can help with that. But what a mortgage broker can do, by shopping around, is get your family into a home you love at the lowest possible interest rate and monthly payment.

Dream Home

The idea of a “dream home” varies from one person to the next.

Whether it’s a penthouse loft in the heart of New York City, or a spacious tropical villa, or somewhere in between, the fact is that everyone dreams of a special kind of place every time they buy a lottery ticket.

But, what if it didn’t require winning a huge jackpot? If it was actually possible to get that “dream home” for FREE, what would people be willing to do?

To get an idea of how much Americans value the concept of a “dream home”, FindAMortgageBroker.com asked 1,002 respondents (both homeowners and non-homeowners) a series of “would you do it” questions to determine what lengths they’d be willing to go to make their dreams come true.

Full Survey Results

American homeowners (and non-homeowners) were proposed eight scenarios where they would be given their dream home for FREE if they were willing to complete the task listed in each question...

  • 35% would eat fast food for every meal for one year

  • 17% would vote against their own political leanings for the rest of their life

  • 18% would give away their pet(s)

  • 26% would turn down an offer for their dream career
  • 19% wouldn’t step foot outdoors for two years

  • 53% would NOT openly root for the Cleveland Browns for the rest of their life

  • 16% would abruptly cut off all communication with everyone they know for one year

  • 49% would drink nothing but water for five years


Americans are willing to tolerate some difficult challenges – and not tolerate an overwhelmingly easy challenge – to get their “dream home” for free.

Dieting at Both Extremes

35% of Americans would commit to daily servings of nothing but fast food for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a year. That’s a lot of calories to deal with, but if your dream home has an indoor running track and fully-equipped fitness center – and maybe an onsite gastroenterologist – maybe it’d be worth it? Ages 18-44 (Millennials and younger Gen X) are more willing to eat only fast food (45%) than Ages 45-64 (33%) and Ages 65+ (23%). Perhaps those numbers also correlate to respondents’ likelihood to maintain a regular workout schedule.

Flipping to an extreme on the beverage side, 49% of Americans would be willing to drink nothing but water for 5 years. At the very least, they’d be giving their best effort to flush out the grease from all the burgers and fries. Millennials are much more willing to do the water-only cleanse (67%) than Gen X (55%) and Baby Boomers (32%). Women are more likely to give up alcohol and other drinks (54%) than men (45%).

Who Needs Friends?

When it comes to having (or not having) a social life, Americans are willing to take drastic measures that are relatively short-term drastic measures in order to benefit with a sweet house in the long-term. 19% of people will remain strictly indoors for two years. That means that, no matter how nice the weather is or what they get invited to do, life won’t often get more entertaining than what is on TV at the moment. Millennials are more willing to live like hermits than all other age groups (Ages 18-24 at 36% and Ages 25-34 at 28%, while other ages averaged 17%).

To an even greater extreme, 16% of people will abruptly cut off complete communication with everyone they know for a year. That’s a complete silent treatment. Might as well lock your phone away because you won’t be answering those calls or replying to texts and emails. Walk past an old friend in the grocery store? It’d be like you’ve never met her in your life. Ages 18-44 (Millennials and younger Gen X) are more willing to cut communication (23%) than older Gen X and Baby Boomers (11%), which might speak to variances in familial obligations, and a greater amount of perceived time to make up for lost connections. Men are more willing to cut off communication (21%) than women (11%).

Better hope your friends and family still like you enough to come over for that awesome indoor/outdoor pool party you’re throwing this summer.

Pets: Part of the Family or Nah?

Everybody loves their favorite furry friends! To a lot of people, pets are viewed the same as children…they’re literally part of the family. But 18% of pet owners would be willing to give up their pets in order to get that free dream home. We’re sure they had a close friend or loving family member in mind, as opposed to the pound. Men are more willing to give away their pets (24%) than women (12%).

Balancing Work vs. (Home) Life

They say, if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Everybody strives to have a career they’re passionate about, but how many actually achieve it? Well, when it comes to choosing between a dream career and a (free) dream home, 26% of Americans would say “no thanks” to loving what they do for a living so they could love where they live. That’s interesting because the average American spending nine hours a day at the office, with roughly an hour-long commute, spends twice as much of their awake time away from home during the week. Only 21% of Millennials are willing to turn down their dream career, compared to Gen X (27%) and Baby Boomers (33%).

The Cleveland Browns Are Embarrassing

The Cleveland Browns just completed the second 0-16 season in the history of the NFL, and the franchise has long been the butt of jokes when it comes to failure in professional sports. But now, 53% of Americans said they would be unwilling to openly cheer for the Cleveland Browns for the rest of their lives in order to get their dream home for free. That’s insane. In order for someone to get their dream home, while taking on absolutely no financial burden whatsoever, all they have to do is throw on a Browns jersey and hat, maybe attend a game or two, and say “Go Browns!” every now and then. AND THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE WON’T DO IT. If someone’s going to have a sick man cave anyways, is it really that bad to throw a couple Browns posters on the wall? Millennials are much more willing to become Cleveland Browns fans (67%) than Gen X (51%) and Baby Boomers (35%).

How Valuable is One Person’s Vote, Anyways?

Now more than ever, if there’s one conversation topic that is pretty unanimously viewed as taboo, it’s politics. Peoples’ political affiliations are some of the most rigid and unwavering traits they carry with them – and if you read online message boards, you’ll find out how passionate and people really are. Yet, 17% of Americans would be willing to vote against their own political leanings for the rest of their life in order to get a free dream home. That’s more than someone giving up their right to vote…that’s purposely voting against their own best wishes and supporting the “bad guys”. It would’ve been interesting to see, in 2016, how many of the loudest Donald Trump supporters or Hillary Clinton supporters would have quietly said “Never mind,” faded into the background, and taken a really cool house instead.